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Our Clientele

We pride ourselves in partnering with a number of institutions to develop integrated solutions and services; where each product is definitely is a combination of innovations, user participation and experience, compliance and regulatory reporting requirement. Some of them are listed below.

Among the many systems that SAM has developed, some examples are highly relevant to the potential collaboration


In 2018, we were commissioned to develop the Small Group Home System (兒童之家管理系统) for Yan Chai Hospital Social Services Department. In 2020, we started to develop the Elderly Home Management System developed to cater for the needs of residential homes as well as day care centres for Yan Chai Hospital Social Service Department. It will be used for their 8 residential homes and 2 day-care centres.

  • Elderly Home and Day Care Center Information System Development
    Enhancement for Yan Chai Hospital
       Social Service Department

In 2020, SAM started to develop an Integrated System for doctors, dentists and CMP for their doctors, dentist and Chinese Medical Practitioners, with ePayment modules and to have it connected to eHRSS.

  • 香港工會聯合會工人醫療所系统

We developed the Traditional Chinese Medicine Advisor 3.0 System for Nong’s (農本方) clinics in HK, one of the largest Chinese medicine clinic chain. 農本方 would roll out the systems to their clinics in HK and China.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Advisor 3.0 System for Nong’s (農本方) clinics

We were awarded by HKMA to provide technical support services for system installation, data migration, deployment and training for 200 private medical practitioners (PMPs) under the Wenchang Project. Currently, more than 300 private doctors are under our support program.

  • Hong Kong Medical Association

We provide independent Quality and Assurance Service for CUHK Medical Centre 香港中文大學醫院 for the testing of their hospital information system before launch.

We also provided End User Support and Training Service to them.

  • Quality and Assurance Service by CUHK Medical Centre
  • 香港中文大學醫院

We developed the Philanthropic Community Pharmacy System Development (社區葯房系统) for

St James’ Settlement.

  • Philanthropic Community Pharmacy System Development by St James’ Settlement

We formed a 15 Consultants team to provide programming services for C&T

in developing Water Supply Department‘s Customer Care and Billing System.

  • Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited

Testimonial from Clients

“SAM has been one of our most reliable software development service partners of government projects for the past 10 years.” Wallace Chow,  Head of Development Services, Computer And Technologies Solutions Ltd

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