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Product & Service

We provide a spectrum of healthcare IT solutions ranging from Elderly Home Management System, Clinic Management System (CMS) for Western Medicine, Clinic Management System (CMS) for Chinese Medicine, to our Electronic Medical Document (eMD) System. 
Apart from software development, we also provide services including IT End User Support Service, Independent Software Testing Service, eHRSS connection implementation, and implementation of tailor-made IT solution services.

Elderly Home Management System

  • Increase Efficiency

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring Device integration

  • Avoid Duplication of entries

  • Detailed Care plan Implementation and Follow up

  • Reduce Cost

  • Better Regulatory Compliance

  • Electronic Drug Dispensary Records

  • Automate Billing

A specialized Elderly Home Management System developed to cater for the needs of residential homes as well as day care centres.
It is used by Yan Chai Hospital
Social Service Department for
their 8 residential homes and
2 day-care centres. 

Clinic Management System (CMS) for Western Medicine

We are the appointed Support Service Provider of Hong Kong Medical Association CMS YuanWang System (CMS YW); and trained Service Provider of Government CMS On-ramp. We are supporting more than 300 private clinics in
Hong Kong.

CMS YW Functions:
  • Waiting Queue

  • Appointment

  • Consultation

  • Dispensary and Billing

  • Inventory

  • Report

  • Admin

  • Cash Book

  • Document Inbox

  • eHR Viewer

Clinic Management System (CMS) for Chinese Medicine

•    Waiting Queue

•    Appointment

•    Consultation

•    Billing

•    Dispensary

•    Retail Sales

•    Drug Inventory

•    Report

•    Admin

Traditional Chinese Medicine

System (TCMS):

We developed the Traditional Chinese Medicine Advisor 3.0 System for Nong’s (農本方) clinics

in HK, one of the largest Chinese medicine clinic chain.

Electronic Medical Document (eMD) Service

eMD supports a full workflow stream starting from converting physical medical document in a clinic until healthcare professionals are able to read from their Clinic Management System (CMS) while providing services to patients.

  • Harvest Image

  • Attach to Patient

  • View eMD

  • Organize eMD

  • Report

  • Hand-write eMD

IT End User Support Service
  • Network and security requirements 

  • DHC On-Ramp, eHRSS and other software installation and usage support 

  • IT application and development (user requirement and vendor progress monitoring)

  • Systems and solutions in DHC including (broadband, public address, CCTV, AV, eHealth Station, POS, Queue Management System, Server & firewall etc.)

We have been providing IT Consultancy and Support Service to Kwai Tsing DHC since November 2019, Yau Tsim Mong DHC Express and Kowloon City DHC Express since Jun 2021.

Apart from District Health Centres, we have also provided CUMC Medical Centre 香港中文大學醫院with a 12-month End User Support and Training Services in 2021.

  • Upgrade of the hospital information system for Baptist Hospital in 2016-2017;

  • CUHK Medical Centre 香港中文大學醫院 for the testing of their hospital information system before launch.

Independent Software Testing Service

We have provided independent Quality and Assurance / testing service for Baptism Hospital & CUHK Medical Centre.

In both cases, we have developed

a comprehensive set of detail test cases catering for different scenarios and patient flow of different wards. 

Service Coverage:
Government eHealth Record Support Service
  • Installation of mode C ELSA

  • Installation of mode B ELSA

  • Installation of Smart Card Reader

  • Hotline and online usage support

  • Liaison with eHR office for data upload

Services include: assist in HCP registration, Security Risk Assessment Checklist, HKCTT License Agreement, installation of mode B and mode C ELSA, card reader, usage support and assist with data upload if required. 

Government eHealth Record Support Service:
  • Small Group Home System for Yan Chai Hospital Social Services Department;

  • Philanthropic Community Pharmacy System Development for St James’ Settlement;

  • 香港工會聯合會工人醫療所系统, an Integrated System for doctors, dentists and CMP for their doctors, dentist and Chinese Medical Practitioners, with ePayment modules and to have it connected to eHRSS;

  • Bed Allocation System for Hong Kong Adventist Hospital;

  • ePR System for Canossa Hospital.

Health IT Application Implementation service

We provide tailor-made software development service for various institutions. 

Examples of our products include:
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